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Stormy Weather & Cake...

Disappointing weekend trade-wise as Taunton Independent Market was postponed yesterday due to an inclement weather forecast.

But, every cloud has a silver lining, and it meant we had time to wander, between showers, around Dunster & be tourists in our home village.

We tend to do a circular route with the Dog House Doggos, starting below the castle moving around to the back following the River Avill then down through the village itself on the return trip. Not a long walk, more of a gentle stoll and the dog's are free to be off lead for the first half, although we have to keep a beady eye out for serreptitious rolling in unmamed substances that seem to delight the girls!

Tula & Poppy - Poppy seems to be giving me a look that might indicate that she's got the measure of me...

Locks Victorian Tea Rooms for a 'bit of something to keep us going' because we still had at least half a mile to walk to get home!!

So, thats us until the 29th May now when we'll be back with at the delighful St Audries Bay Holiday Club with the hotdogs. Hopefully the changable weather will have settled by then and we can all get on with making what we can of the summer.

Still, if it wasnt for the weather what would we talk about?



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